Coffee: The Juice Boost For Weight Loss?

Do coffee drinkers lose weight easier than non-coffee drinkers?

So, can coffee help you lose weight? I’ve looked into it, and I know from my own life, people who go with a cup of coffee in their hands all the time, seem to not put on as much weight as other people do. I can only imagine how much I’d have gained in my life if I wasn’t one of those who keep a cup close at hand…all day long.

If you’re someone who wants to lose weight, you may have inadvertently overlooked a simple and inexpensive way to shed a few pounds just by drinking a beverage.

Of all the beverages in the world, coffee boasts an incredible amount of nutrients and it gives you a ton of health benefits. Not only can it be a great way to wake you up in the morning, but it can give you that continued energy throughout the day.

You might have heard that coffee can help you lose weight. The good news is, that’s true. Coffee is a beverage that can help you shed those extra pounds. But you do need to do it the right way because certain habits with coffee drinking will sabotage your weight loss efforts.

If you pour yourself a cup of coffee, but then you add in heaps of sugar or sugar-laden syrups and other toppings, then you kill the weight loss benefits of the beverage.

If you do need to add flavoring, then choose the sugar free ones to help you stay on track with your calories. The reason that coffee is so effective when it comes to losing weight is because it has the ability to burn fat.

It’s the caffeine in coffee that aids your body in burning fat. Not only can it burn fat, but it can also help you get rid of fat that your body is holding on to.

Coffee’s fat burning abilities reduce your chances of getting diseases associated with weight gain – such as type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease and certain types of cancer.

Coffee beans contain things known as phytonutrients. These chemicals promote an improved metabolism that helps you lose fat. It works to lower your body’s natural tendency to want to store fat.

As a weight loss aid and fat burning tool combined, coffee is one of the best beverages you can use. But you do have to drink it straight. That means black coffee or coffee with only no calorie additions mixed in. (Yeah, this is the part that gets me. I’ve cut waaaay down on my sugar, but I still use one little flavored creamer cup per cup of coffee.)

If you add in extras that contain the carbs and sugar, and you drink coffee every day, you can end up adding an extra 1,000 calories or more per week. You don’t want to do that!! 

Since most people with a coffee habit do drink a lot of it, you get all the health benefits, the nutrients and the weight loss. To reap the metabolism and fat burning benefits from coffee, you should drink it throughout the day rather than have all your cups at once in the mornings. That’s good news for me, because I already do it that way.

The boost from the caffeine can also help you to add workouts to your day and gain even more fat burning benefits.

A lot of bodybuilders actually use caffeine as a stimulant before their workout. However, you need to be safe when doing this and not go overboard. There’s nothing worse than getting the jitters from too much coffee at once. Always try to have a glass of water between each cup of coffee. You’ll feel better and the water is a good way to keep you hydrated since coffee can be a natural diuretic.

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Happy Coffee Break!

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