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Hey Coffee Lover!

Welcome to The Coffee Bean Pod. My husband and I love coffee. Now, he’s a purist, coffee snob. He wants it strong and black! No fancy stuff in it. And we absolutely love Dark French Roast.

One of the convenient stores we frequent actually has the best coffee in Branson, MO. Well, that’s our opinion and we’re sticking to it. They recently started serving a French Roast and we fell in love. We then went on a hunt for a good French Roast to brew at home. We found it in McCafe Dark French Roast. Yum! 

Of course, I will be sharing all kinds of other coffees and lots of coffee information. I’m not a purist or a complete coffee snob. I enjoy adding flavored creams to my coffee.

You should also know that we don’t do Starbucks. I do have a gift card I use once in awhile, because it’s free, right? 😉 (See update below.)

But this site will cover learning about coffee, coffee drinks, all the fun gadgets and accessories and coffee making machines, so we can become awesome home baristas. Yay! One day, I want a really nice coffee bar in my house–a whole area set up just for coffee.

Here’s the crazy people…okay person…the crazy person behind this coffee madness. As you can see, Kevin can be very serious and I can be very silly. It works…and he does have a sense of humor, so it’s all good.

Now, go have a cup of coffee and kick back! And don’t forget to drop by often. There will be a new theme and all sorts of coffee goodness.

But first, an update on Starbucks. I went to the grocery store recently and the store I went to didn’t even carry the McCafe French roast in a bag. So, I looked around and the only other French roasts were Folgers (which isn’t bad, but it’s pretty weak.) and Starbucks. Oh my, what do I do? Well, I grabbed the Starbucks. I was too lazy to go to our usual store. Anyway, got home and brewed a pot. OMG! Seriously strong and bitter. So far, it’s the best we’ve found. Now, we do, do Starbucks brew at home. LOL

All the best,


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