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Hey Coffee Lover!

Oh, you’ve gotta have coffee accessories, right? And some are just more essential than others. In this post, I talk about ‘some’ of the basic essentials.

Making (and enjoying) a great tasting cup of coffee is easier when you have the kind of accessories that enhance the experience. One thing to enhance the experience is to make sure you have it in the perfect mug. This doesn’t add to the flavor, but enjoying your coffee in a mug you love sure makes the whole coffee break experience more meaningful.

coffee mugsYou can find mugs in all sizes that fit your coffee habit. Some will be small and delicate while others will be large. You can even find extra large mugs.

Many people like to use personalized or designer mugs or those that have a special meaning for them – such as a dog or other animal mug or ones with funny or sarcastic sayings.

The picture on the left is my two favorite mugs. The one from Cancun was given to me by my son-in-law. He got it on a trip to Cancun, long before he was my son-in-law. He was still in high school, but even then, I knew he’d marry my daughter. (She just didn’t know it for several more years. lol)


The Writer’s Browsing History is a new mug. As a writer (cozy mystery) I just HAD to have it when I saw it.

You also need a good travel mug. I have one, a very plain one, but I’m on the hunt for one that has my personality written all over it. A good travel mug is a must-have. Who wants to risk spilling coffee all over their clothes and their vehicle–not to mention the sheer horror of having wasted a good cup of coffee. I don’t even want to think about that. Do you?

The vacuum insulated types will keep your coffee piping hot. These are commonly found in stainless personalized-travel-coffee-mugsteel and you can find them in a variety of colors as well as with beautiful designs or funny sayings. Mine is a basic stainless cup. But, I think I want one of these personalized mugs – pic on the right – so I can create my own designs and change them out with my mood or message.

Every coffee drinker knows that the kind of coffee filter that you use for the coffee machine you have can make a difference between a great cup of coffee and one that tastes stale or bitter.

It’s best to buy the filters that are specifically designed for your coffee maker. You can also buy the natural brown paper ones or you can buy a permanent filter so that you don’t need the paper ones. I personally don’t use a filter. I don’t have a French Press (yet) but I do something similar to how coffee is brewed in one.

coffee measure setGetting the right amount of coffee grounds for your pot is important if you use ground coffee. Usually, the directions will say a scoop or two of coffee. If you use a regular household tablespoon, that’s not the same thing and it can be hard to judge how much coffee you’re using for 2 cups or 10 cups. That’s why you want to make sure that your coffee accessories include a couple of scoops. This stainless steel measuring set may be perfect. It has large scoops for when you need to make enough coffee for a group, but it also comes with a specific coffee scoop for smaller batches.


Most people like to have a mug of coffee and enjoy it at a leisurely pace. Unfortunately, this cools the liquid. If you don’t like room temp or cold coffee, you may want to invest in a coffee warmer to keep on your desk. I often use one on my desk and it keeps my coffee nice and hot. This is especially great on cold mornings and I sometimes get busy writing and forget to drink it for awhile. With a coffee warmer, you can keep doing your work without having to get up and go reheat your cup of coffee every time you want a sip.

An organizer isn’t a true essential. You can keep everything in a drawer, but having an organizer is much nicer and keeps everything handy. With a coffee caddy to hold all your accessories and coffee condiments, you can keep everything neat and at your fingertips when you need to use something. If you work in an office or have a home office, you may want one of these so it’s easier to make your cup of coffee instead of spending the time to go to the kitchen and do it.



Another great item for the home office is a coffee dispenser. This may not be exactly essential, but it can save time when your coffee is handy. Of course, you do want to get up and move around often. Sitting at your desk all day is not healthy, but when you’re in a time-crunch and don’t need the distraction of heading to the kitchen several times a day, these pumper pots can be an essential accessory.


What’s your favorite must-have coffee accessory? Is it a mug that has meaning to you? Or any of the items listed above? Tell us in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

Happy Coffee Break!

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