Coffee Mood – What’s Your Flavor?

Hey coffee lover!

If you’re a purist and coffee snob, like my husband, you won’t like this post. It’s for those of us who like to enjoy different flavors on our coffee breaks. Sometimes you can match a flavor with the kind of mood you want to create.

Now, don’t get me wrong, coffee tastes great all by itself. But, for some of us creative types, we like to create a mood with our coffee. As a cozy mystery and romance writer, I sometimes like to brainstorm and get into a scene by sitting back with a certain flavor that my characters might enjoy. This helps me get into their heads a little better. So, it’s not just a mood based thing for me. It’s also a sensory experience that helps me write.

Flavorings have long been known to either enhance a mood or change it. You can buy these flavorings in many varieties. Some of them are made with cane sugar while others are sugar free.

But regardless of which type you buy, they can all impact your mood. If you’re feeling peaceful and you want to hold on to that calmness, then you want to choose a slightly warm flavoring.

A type of warm flavoring would be one like caramel. This flavoring is known to soothe. Toasted almond flavoring is another one that’s known to go along with a calm mood or to calm a mood that’s slightly agitated. I recently had toasted marshmallow and it was pretty dang good. These flavors seem to remind us of childhood or goodies baking in the oven during holidays. They give us a warm, cozy feeling.

French vanilla is another flavoring that’s great for when you’re feeling calm. Adding a splash of mocha or other types of chocolate such as white chocolate can improve your mood if you’re feeling down.

Chocolate stimulates the feel good hormones in the brain. If you’re feeling stressed about something, then you can add a little peppermint coffee flavoring to your coffee.

Peppermint is a mood soother and a few drops to your beverage will help dissipate the tension associated with stress. Sometimes feeling stressed about something can lead to anger. If it doesn’t sound good in your coffee, you can smell of some peppermint oil to help calm your nerves and just enjoy your coffee plain or with another flavoring.

If you’re feeling angry or tense, these flavors might help to create a better mood:

  • peppermint
  • peach
  • cinnamon

For cheerfulness or playfulness you can add these flavorings:

  • raspberry
  • blueberry
  • peach
  • strawberry


I personally don’t like the fruity flavors in my coffee. I’m more of a sweet cream, Italian cream or French vanilla kinda gal.

Everyone knows what it’s like to feel annoyed or irritated. A nice coffee break, alone, can help calm those feelings, but adding flavoring gives you an added boost that will help restore a calmer mood.

What’s your coffee mood? Do you like mixing flavors with your moods or do you use certain flavorings to improve your mood? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

Happy Coffee Break,

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